Tackling head lice

"Head lice can be the cause of a great deal of frustration, upset and embarrassment for some parents and the pharmacy is often their first point of call for advice. The goal of this training module is simple; to give you all the information you need to know about head lice in a succinct, simple and memorable format. The training is based on the ‘Stafford Report’ (2008 update), by the Public Health Medicine Environmental Group, which draws on evidence based guidelines."
Ian Burgess, Director of the Medical Entomology Centre and advisor to the authors of the Stafford Report

"We are the part of the pharmacy that is on the treatment ‘front-line’. As such, we have an extremely important role to play in ensuring the correct advice reaches parents at the time when they need it most. So it is important that we are up to date with current evidence and best practice when we give advice and make recommendations.”
Graham Phillips, Manor Pharmacy, Group Community Pharmacist

A memorable message for parents

A round-table event was held with representatives from the pharmacy community and leading head lice experts to reach a consensus on the cornerstones of effective head lice management. A simple and memorable CHECK, TREAT, COMPLETE slogan was devised to help parents manage this condition, so the training has been split into these clear sections to help you.

The term ‘infection’ is used throughout in order to be consistent with the view that the term ‘infestation’ has stigmatic overtones and should be avoided.

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