TREAT – This section provides you with information on the different treatment options available, as well as advice on effective application of treatments

Treatment options for head lice

There are FOUR principle types of head lice treatment:

  • Pesticide treatments
  • Non-pesticide treatments
  • Wet combing with conditioner
  • Alternative treatments

The following information is extracted and adapted from the Stafford Report.

Resistance to pesticide agents

There is now strong evidence that the head lice population already has, and continues to, develop resistance to a number of chemical agents, particularly permethrin. In part, this is a result of inappropriate and overuse of these agents over a long period.

Effective treatment

When advising a parent or carer on which treatment is best for their child, the following points should be taken into consideration:

  • The customer’s recent use of chemical treatments and the issue of resistance with (pesticide) products
  • Any contraindications including asthma, skin conditions and allergies
  • The age of the child concerned as treatments are not licensed for those under 6 months

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